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February 2017



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Oct. 5th, 2010

SGA genre finders by sorcha_feanor


[sticky post] The Contact-a-Mod Post

This is where you get to talk to your local mods about all your questions, comments, concerns, ideas and other sgagenrefinders related stuff. We welcome all input, constructive or otherwise!

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your mods.

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Feb. 26th, 2017

Stargate Atlantis


Multiple Requests...

I posted these requests back in 2014 but I didn't really get any replies so I'm making another attempt. :)

* Are there any fics where Ronon meet someone who decides to keep him company while he's Running from the Wraith, preferably a crossover character; i.e. Buffy Summers in Myself In You or Harry Potter in Undone Wars. Could also be a canon non-Earth character. It doesn't matter if they meet up with the Expedition or not.

* Are there any fics where Sheppard is or becomes a Tok'ra host? I've read Not the Villain You Know and the companion piece, but I'm hoping there are others. A quick search through the Goa'uld/Tok'ra tag didn't give me much.

* Are there any fics dealing with Ronon (and possibly Teyla) being implanted with the Subcutaneous Locator Beacon after arriving on Atlantis, and how he reacts to effectively being implanted with another tracker? It doesn't have to be the main part of the story, but there has to be some kind of significant reaction to it. Ronon was a runner for seven years and would no doubt have a negative reaction to getting a new tracker, and Teyla and the Athosians clearly had at least heard about Runners so she/they would probably not react well either, at least not at first.

* Are there any fics where Ronon find out/is told about Teyla and some of the other Athosians having Wraith DNA, and how he reacts to it?

And a new request;

* Are there any fics where Sheppard is asked to return to the Milky Way to help with Ancient Tech because of his strong ATA gene, either by the SGC or by one of Earth's allies?

Any genre or pairing, but preferably not McShep.

TIA! :)


Rodney and pets


I'm looking for any fics where Rodney gets to have a pet, anything that really focuses onRodneys live of animals, in Atlantis or on Earth.

Thank you :)

Feb. 24th, 2017


John has a dirty little secret...he's sleeping with Rodney

I have realized that McShep is my comfort OTP. SGA and McKay/Sheppard fanfic are what I seem to return to when things in my life are becoming too much and I need a break. Soooo I'm baaaack lol.
This time I'm looking for stories where John and Rodney are in or start a relationship/sleeping together/become friends with benefits etc. However John is a emotionally repressed jerk and prefers to hide their involvement. He goes out of his way to overcompensate either by being mean to Rodney around others or by flirting/sleeping with anything in a skirt. Stories set in Atlantis are my preference and because I'm looking for some escapism happy endings only please. They don't have to necessarily end up together (although that is my preference) if they end up separate but a good place emotionally that would be ok too.
As always please no MPreg. Any recs you can suggest would be very much appreciated.

Feb. 22nd, 2017


McShep with predatory John, and oblivious Rodney.

Everyone has been so helpful and made some really awesome recs for my previous requests, so I thought I would impose upon you once more.
I'm looking for recommendations of McShep stories where John is predatory (in a good way) and is going after what he wants, which just so happens to be an oblivious Rodney. I'm not really looking for non or dubious con although I won't turn that down if the story is really good. I'm looking more for John using his wiles and sex appeal and maybe even a bit of trickery or c-blocking to achieve his goal, which is a completely besotted McKay in his bed. John with lowered inhibitions and acting under the influence (of whatever) and going after what he's always wanted; a clueless Rodney would be wonderful as well.
Basically, I'm looking for stories where John looks at McKay and thinks 'I'm getting me some of that" and Rodney is all "science, ZedPMs, ancient tech.....oh hey what are you doing? Umm ok!!" Lol
Bonus points awarded if the stories include everyone around them waiting for this to happen.


Tao of Rodney angst

So, I just rewatched the Tao of Rodney for the first time in years, and what really came across when watching this, totally out of context, is how everyone is a Big Jerk to Rodney. His team hardly make time for him and only Radek seems to be his actual friend. I was really hoping there might be some fics out there where Rodney notices this, or the fact that he can read minds make him notice. So, I'm looking for angst, or Rodney is fed up, or even just fics where he confronts the team about this. Long or short, any pairings or none, all is fine. Thanks,

Feb. 16th, 2017


First post! Like catalyst series

I hope I do this right...

I'm looking for stories where Rodney goes and stays with Jeannie after a trauma. I also like mcshep... Catalyst was a great story; are there others similar to that?


BAMF!John and/or Underappreciated!John (Preferred McShep longfic)

I know the titile seems ridiculous but I am really in the mood for badass John, and even better if he is BAMF, but someone (or everyone) underappreciated him.

I read a fic of SG-1 in which John was a professional thief with two Ph.Ds. Long story short he infiltrated SGC in order to steal information for Ba'al; he was indeed a brilliant mathematician who could correct/improve/assist Rodney's works.

So I am looking for any fic in which John was one of the brightest minds on earth, prefered if he got one (or some) Ph.D(s).

If he was a veteran from Navy/Marine/USAF/etc, and then some it would be spectacular.

It can be reversed as someone underappreciate him and his BAMF!soldier-self because of his appearance as a academic.

In a nutshell: John is a lot more than what he shows.

I will appreciate anything from canon divergence, canon AU, AU, but I preferred McShep, and yes I can read gen or other pairings if they are slash involved John. The average length of my favourite fic is around 120k word but I can read basically anything you give me from 5000 words to 500.000 words (I barely read any fanfic under 1000 words)

Typical example:
Thief!John: No Good Deed (John/Mitchel)
Keira Marcos' stories (Ties that Binds, The Sentinel of Atlantis, etc)
Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves by auburn (McShep)
Divergent Paths: Glimpses of the Future by puddleofgoo (McShep)
Man on the Ground by Brumeier (McShep)

Feb. 15th, 2017


John/Team thinks Rodney is dead

I need to get my hurt on. I'm looking for any fics where John/team thinks that Rodney is dead, preferably with the aftermath and reactions shown.

(Don't judge me, we all deal with dark moods differently! ;)

(I'm also open to actual death fics.)


Long angsty-ish McShep

SO I'm slowly rewatching SGA episodes and have become nostalgic for my original OTP, McShep. I have just finished reading Blackchaps Sacrifices Made and now I am looking for more stories of a similar feel. Ideally I am looking for long, angsty, darker extremely well written stories. (A soupçon of jealous/pouty Shep would be lovely, for whatever reason I am quite fond of jealous John, but it is not required.) Bonus points for stories that keep their character personalities intact, awkward traits and all (aside from the obvious slash that is lol). I would prefer stories set in Atlantis but would appreciate any recommendations you care to share. Please no mpreg. I am not particularly fond of that genre.

Feb. 14th, 2017


(no subject)

Feb. 13th, 2017



I was wondering if anyone could recommend any Chuck-centric fics if there are any out there. I've come across a couple but would be really interested in reading more.

Feb. 12th, 2017


(no subject)

Feb. 6th, 2017


Possessive/jealous John

Hello Everybody
I'm looking for any and all McShep fics featuring a Possessive/jealous John! preferably with a side of Oblivious Rodney! But I will take whatever Possessive/jealous John! fics that you care to share; new, old, slash, preslash, pining, dark, crack, angsty, etc.
Extra cookies for fics I can download to my iPad!!

Feb. 4th, 2017



Rod/John, Sheppard/Jonas friendship, and Ronon subverting expectations

A few requests...

1. I've seen plenty of Rod/Mensa!John fics, but does anyone have recommendations for fics where Rod gets into a relationship with our Sheppard? Elements of Rod/Mensa!John and Rodney/John are fine, but I'd prefer Rod/John to be a major focus. The only one I've been able to find so far is The Minstrel Boy by busaikko.

2. Anything with Sheppard/Jonas friendship.

3. I loved Ardhanarishvara by auburn and monanotlisa, and I'd like to read other fics where other characters assume that Ronon is uneducated, or that Satedan culture is backwards/primitive, and are proven wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Feb. 2nd, 2017


Married in All But Name

I'm in the mood for those fics where John and Rodney exchange paperwork to make each other next of kin, and beneficiaries and have medical proxies for each other.  Any ideas anyone?  Mcshep for preference, but gen would do just as well.
Thank you

Feb. 1st, 2017


Wraith feed on McKay

I was wondering if anyone could direct me towards stories in which Rodney gets fed on by a Wraith. I've read some where it's Sheppard who is fed on, but probably only one or two where it's Rodney.

Thank you in advance!

Jan. 29th, 2017


Rodney looking after John

I'm hoping this exists somewhere because, if not, I'm going to be forced to write it!

I've read more than a few fics where Rodney ends up physically or mentally compromised (usually post-Shrine) and John looks after him.

I'm looking for the opposite. Specifically, John not getting immediately de-aged after Todd drains him and Rodney looking after him as an old man but anything in the same vein might be enough to quench my need for this!

Thanks in advance for any help :)

Jan. 8th, 2017

Black Kitty


Any stories where Atlantis rejects Helia and her crew?

I'm looking for any stories where Atlantis prefers the expedition members, and rejects Helia and the Ancient crew. Like, Atlantis not appreciating the way they are rejecting Rodney?
And Atlantis actively supporting the expedition and rejecting the Ancients' control?

UPDATE: I've already read the stories suggested in an earlier similar query.

Jan. 7th, 2017


Pre-series John/Elizabeth

I recently read international relations by Melyanna and was interested if anyone shows any others where John and Elizabeth are in a relationship or are good friends before Atlantis (preferably before Elizabeth even know about the stargate.)
Thanks in advance.... I hope I have all the tags right

Here is a link for any interested: http://melyanna.livejournal.com/172666.html

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