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Oct. 5th, 2010

SGA genre finders by sorcha_feanor


[sticky post] The Contact-a-Mod Post

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Jul. 4th, 2015


Sheppard & Marines

I am looking for fics which show Marines being surprised by Sheppard or handling them well or even better putting newbie Marines in their place. A bit of 'I told you so' from those who been on Atlantis longer would be great.

NOTE: if its Kiera Marcos you are thinking of mentioning. . I've read it many times!

I aim to add tags when near a computer.

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Jun. 30th, 2015

Whys, Spike


Fics where they steal Atlantis to go back to Pegasus post cannon.

Good morning. I am looking for fics where John, Rodney and company decide to steal Atlantis post "Enemy at the Gate" because the IOA won't let them go back to Pegasus. I am particularly interested in fics where Jack is in on the plan and helps. Maybe he an Daniel go with or maybe he just helps stock Atlantis. Prefer slash but I will enjoy any complete stories.


P.S. Hopefully I got the tags correct.

Jun. 22nd, 2015


The team as medieval adventurers; Sheppard transformation in some fierce animal/creature

Looking for two types of stories:

1 - The team members are medieval adventurers. The story can be a sword and sorcery AU or they are playing some type of RPG, like in Fellowship. The story must have at least the team, but other Expedition members are welcome too (or even SG-1) but must include action/combat.

2 - Sheppard is transformed in some fierce animal or creature. Many of these stories are with silly/inofensive animals (penguins, ducks, cats...) or with the bug creature from Conversion (which almost all of them are focused only in the angst and slash). Looking for stories where he had the opportunity of fight in his altered state and only interested in stories where his mind is in control, at maximum a bit of amnesia. Not want stories where he's turned in a mindless beast or is being controled by a enemy (don't want to see him attacking or worse killing innocent people or even his own people). Also not interested in things like genderswap and de-aging. The transformation can be only a part of the fic. Some stories I read are:
Thunder Rolls
The Good Sheppard

Jun. 21st, 2015

stargate atlantis



I'm watching a battlebots show and thought that would be a really interesting thing for Rodney to be involved in. So does anyone know any SGA fics with battlebots? Doesn't have to be Rodney building/fighting the bots, I'm fine with anyone tbh. Canon compliant or any kind of AU is fine, McShep or gen preferred. Just as long as there are battlebots :)

Jun. 20th, 2015



Fics were John is changed somehow by his first time in the antarctic chair. Past life memory, finally feels like he's home or comfortable etc. Mcshep always welcome.

Jun. 18th, 2015

Rabbit 1


Rodney a Native of Pegasus/Already in Pegasus/Makes his own way to Pegasus

Hey guys!! I'm looking for Rodney-centered stories where Rodney was:

#1 A native of Pegasus when the expedition arrived. I've read one where he was a mermaid so any stories would be great.

#2 Already in Pegasus by the time the expedition gets there. Sholio and Naye wrote a fantastic AU story Clear and Different Light where Rodney was raised by whales.

#3 Made his own way to Pegasus that wasn't with the expedition. I read one with Rodney once having a Tok'ra in him but he was freed, he becomes friends with Vala and they kidnap Jackson.

They can be AU, Canon AU, Supernatural, Canon, Genderswap, FemMeredith, Fusions, Sentinel/Guides, etc. Just if they would be well written, in character with a plot I would be very grateful. I'm not into BDSM or kinky sex stuff or porn. Friendship, McShep, Gen, Team are all welcome!!! Thank you guys so very much for your awesomeness!!!

Jun. 16th, 2015


Looking for stories with stories about the storm that hit Atlantis,,, or any storm that hits it.

I am looking for stories about storms hitting Atlantis. We are going through Tropical strom Bill right now and I won't have cable while it is storming so hard. I prefer John/McKay slash stories and happy endings. No Gore, extreme torture or horror please. Thank you in advance, finlaure

Jun. 4th, 2015


Project Runway fusions

I am looking for any Project Runway fusions. Thank you


Sheppard arrives in Pegasus independent from the expedition; Sheppard as a Tok'ra host

Looking for two types of stories:

1- Stories where Sheppard arrives in Pegasus independent from the Atlantis expedition, maybe envolving an accident with ancient tech or kidnapping by aliens. I already read The Phantom of Atlantis series and those two pirate AUs: Raiders of the Seven Systems and Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves. Bonus points if he manages to find Teyla and/or Ronon before finding Atlantis. Not looking for stories where he's an Ancient left behind in Atlantis or a Pegasus native.

2 - Sheppard as a Tok'ra host (not interested in Goa'uld). Only found those 3 stories:
Lost and Found
Not the Villain You Know
Tongues of Men and Angels
All stories are interesting, but the two first are short and both finish with the blending and the last one is a non-Atlantis AU. Especially interested in stories with Sheppard doing his work in Atlantis as a host.

May. 31st, 2015

SGA: John alien


Sentinel Crossovers and fusions

If anyone could point me to a list of Sentinel crossovers and fusions, I'd be very grateful! Not sure where to look, I've tried the list collection on this LJ without success.

(I'm already familiar with Keira Marcos, but I'm sure there must be loads more "out there").


May. 30th, 2015


Cultures in Pegasus

I have always thought that the show writers missed the opportunity to explore Pegasus cultures. Any stories about the people and cultures, benign or malignant?

May. 24th, 2015


Sumner survives the feeding and Sheppard work as his XO

I already read some stories where Sumner is rescued alive from the hiveship but dies hours/days after this because his condition keep deteriorating and others where he survives more time because in the majority of the cases Sheppard wasn't present in the Athos mission or other person was killed in his place, but even in these cases normally he dies later to Sheppard be able to be the military commmander.

I like to know if some story do exist where he is rescued alive and survives but he's weakened enough by the feeding to be restricted to the administrative part of being the CO and is unable to go in off-world missions, than Sheppard starts doing XO duty for him and has his gate team too (preference for the canonical one). Bonus points if after the Siege, Sumner recommends him to be his sucessor as Atlantis Military Commander


Vindictive Elizabeth

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

May. 22nd, 2015

mcshep forever


John/Jack banters

Hello any fics where John and JAck are really friends, hang on, support each other, don't really mind if they are involved together or not, i trully want a great friendship.

But please not mckeller,  not sheylla and not shwier around, i'm goof with mcshep, any others slash pairings.

For exemple i have in mind the fantastic fic of keira Marcos, What might have been where Jack and John have a strong friendship. 

May. 13th, 2015

A Place Called Home


SGA Video to "A Place Called Home"?

Please forgive me, I know this is a fic genre community, but can a person search to see if there is a video (sort of a fanfic set to music?) to a specific song as well?  If so, does anyone know if there's a Stargate Atlantis video out there put to Kim Richey's "A Place Called Home"?  It's just such a perfect song for Atlantis, but Google has turned up nothing.

May. 10th, 2015



Some brotherly, geek festing, self scarficing Rodney fic requests!

Been a while huh.

1. Meg Tippers site has vanished! I am devestated! completely devestated! I loved her stories. And NotTasha's site is gone too... sigh.

So, in the spirit of Meg Tipper's fics Can anyone direct me to some well written Gen fics that explore John and Rodney's brotherly bond.

2. I'd also really appreciate some good old geek fests. be they in Atlantis, Ooff World or something else. Where the team get excited over something. It can be any of the team at all. My favourite is of course Rodney, but seriously just geek fests over something.

3. There are a number of fics out there that I've read (and can't find anymore, but I shall continue my search over on specific fic search for those) that involve Rodney having to give up his life for the team. for example, Meg Tippers Shepherd Moon where the only way he can save everyone is to man the controls while everyone else escapes, resulting in his almost death. Another was the fic about the sentient gun that used the lifeforce of it's weilders (can never remember the name, but read it just the other day).

Now, a lot of these seem to take place after trinity, that isn't a requirement, just something where Rodney ends up doing something that seems like he's going to be killed (stepping willingly into a machine everyone believes kills you or shutting everyone else out of a room he knows will explode if he doesn't manage to fix the control mechanism)

Self scarificing Rodeny! That's what it's called! Angry, helpless, worried to deth Sheppard a bonusy plus! And of course, Rodney has to survive. (I'll even take fics where Sheppard is with Rodney, because I know those exsist as well!)

Thank you all. (Oh, McShep or McKay/Zelenka is totally ok and anwesome from requests 2 and 3!)

May. 6th, 2015



Hi, im looking for mcshep in suburbia. Anything and everything that goes into them living, ford whatever reason, the suburban life :) john focused for preferencer, but all recs are welcome.

I love: john h/c, domesticity, rodney babbling, napping

Im not enamoured of (please rec anyway for others if you feel like, id just appreciate warning): noncon, age difference

I have no triggers
Aus make me happy

Thanks amazing people!

May. 5th, 2015

stargate atlantis


Commune fic?

I just read And All We Have by seekergeek, and I'd really like to read some more fics where there's some sort of commune/group living/multi family type situation. Fics where this is something that develops after being cut off from Earth/becoming independent or if it's the norm in Pegasus and the Atlanteans adopt it would be awesome, but canon-compliant, AUs, pre-canon, post-canon, etc. would be great as well. I'm cool with McShep, OT4, gen, and most other pairings (just no focus on John/Elizabeth or Keller/Rodney please).

(None of the tags seem to fit this so...)

May. 3rd, 2015


Dragon sories. Any help? Lost all my bookmarks

Any story with dragons please.

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