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Oct. 5th, 2010

SGA genre finders by sorcha_feanor


[sticky post] The Contact-a-Mod Post

This is where you get to talk to your local mods about all your questions, comments, concerns, ideas and other sgagenrefinders related stuff. We welcome all input, constructive or otherwise!

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We look forward to hearing from you!


your mods.

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May. 3rd, 2015


Dragon sories. Any help? Lost all my bookmarks

Any story with dragons please.

Apr. 28th, 2015


franticsga fic


I'm looking for any fic by franticsga, but particularly "Five Times Rodney McKay Surprised the Hell Out of John Sheppard". All the links I have found seem to lead to deleted journals.


Apr. 27th, 2015



I was re-reading an EOD AU with Mathematician!John Sheppard (one of Keira Marcos'stories) and it put me in the mood for more stories where John shows off his math skills. They don't have to be AU's where John got his Ph.D or went to Atlantis as a scientist (though those are welcome too). They can simply be stories where he shows off his intellectual side more.
(For instance, I have read one where his team is on some planet working with local scientists and they are looking at these street lights that are powered strangely. It triggers John and he ends up developing a whole new type of naquadah generator. The whole thing is still in canon!Sheppard, but he is just more mathy.)

For AUs, I would prefer non-Rod! AUs - or at least ones that don't start immediately after the switch. I tend to like ones that are either (sort of) in canon or completely removed from the canon universe(that is, ones that don't show multiverse crossovers).


Apr. 26th, 2015

K/S--know your roots! by persephoneflame


Looking for fics by of_evangeline

of_evangeline has locked eir entire LiveJournal including all SGA & Inception writing. I'd love to read any of eir SGA fics, especially "The Ninja Logs {File #001}". (It's the hilarious account of how Invisible Super-Ninja John Sheppard outwits, outmaneuvers & out-disrobes the Wily Pursuers who, for some reason, seem to know his name & an awful lot about him....) Did you save a copy you could e-mail to me, or can you point me to where of_evangeline's fics are still accessible?

I did check the "List Of Fen Who Have Retired From Stargate Fandom" post, use Google & search AO3 for "The Ninja Logs" (didn't see em), & write a PM to of_evangeline (didn't receive a reply).

Thanks for any help or info!

Apr. 25th, 2015


Rodney in charge!

I'm looking for fics where Rodney is in charge of the scientists or even of the whole expedition (along the lines of transcendental by shalott). I would like to see Rodney being very competent and gaining the respect of the people around him. He's good at his job and really is one of the most brilliant minds on the planet(s). Or really any fic that focuses on Rodney being essential to the expedition.
Thanks in advance!

Apr. 21st, 2015

SPN SV Chloe


Atlantis becomes it's own colony, separates from Earth

So I'm looking for something where Atlantis becomes it's own state, whether by choice or being alone for too long.

I'm interested to see them all treating Atlantis more like a permanent home instead of a base.

I've read (and re-re-read the Retrograde Series) which is where my hope for more like it comes from, I loved seeing the snippets of daily life within a community that's closer to each other than canon.

Would prefer gen but don't mind slash if it's in the background not the main focus.

Thanks everyone :)


De-aged Sheppard fics

Hi everyone! I'm on a hunt for any and all de-aged (physically AND mentally) Sheppard fics. I'd really be interested in fics where the Atlantis gang find out that Sheppard had a not-so-great childhood - either because of abuse, neglect, bullying, whatever - and get really protective of him as a result.

Option B, since I'm not sure how many of those there are, is any fics where the team meets actually-still-a-kid Sheppard. Like, time travel or alternate universes or something. I'm not sure I've ever seen one like this, so it would be an interesting read!

Thanks in advance!

Apr. 19th, 2015


Other Cultures

1. I am looking for fanfics where cultures in the Pegasus galaxy might have a different idea on consent not out and out rape but definitly dub-con. I would like a story where a relationship might come after the issues. I prefer slash pairings.

2. Rare slash pairs an actual relationship. I love stories where I never could imagine the pair before but the story makes it believable.


Medical Detail fics

I'm a Shep Whumper through and through. Looking for fics where Sheppard is whumped that contain good, realistic medical detail and infirmary scenes. Anything less well known or more recent would be especially appreciated, but I'll take any of your suggestions. Thanks !

Apr. 17th, 2015

SPN SV Chloe


Rodney feels replaced

So I loved 'Replaced' by thought reflex and wondered if there was anything out there similar, where Rodney feels very insecure, and thinks he's only wanted for his brain and no one actually cares about him personally.

I love team fics so hard and Rodney and John's friendship, I'm not big into slash so would prefer Gen.

The longer the better and if I read something that doesn't end happy I'll be sad all day, so happy endings only please :)

Apr. 12th, 2015


Cyborg Sheppard

I'm interested in stories where Sheppard is turned into a cyborg. I have already read Almost Human and The Difference Engine, but I'm trying to locate stories where Sheppard receive a cybernetic body and keep his mind intact (organic brain or even a artificial one with a copy of his mind). Variations can be with him being stuck permanently inside some exoskeleton/powered armor. Preference for gen stories, but relationships are OK too, if non-explicit

Edit: preference for him keeping his position in Atlantis after the fact

Apr. 4th, 2015


Some requests

I'm interested in find stories with the following themes (preference gen stories):

1 - Rodney and Carson working together to resolve a serious medical problem, but not simply using some Ancient healing device or fixing the malfunctioning device who caused the problem in first place, but creating/adapting something to do the job, like in Life Altering and Perchance To Dream. Bonus points if the solution is used later to help other people with the same problem.

2 - John tries to reconciliate with his father before is too late, maybe before departing to Atlantis or when he is in Earth between The Siege III and Intruder (the story can show later he sending letters to his father when in Atlantis and such). Only interested in gen/canon-compliant stories (almost all stories I found with this theme are McShep or written before Outcast, with a non-canon father). The only story I found similar to this was situated post Enemy at the Gate and envolved time travel (One Less Regret)

3 - Die Hard-like stories like in The Storm/The Eye with John acting alone to rescue friends, but without collapsing from injuries in the middle of bringing them back and needing help from them (like many of the existent similar stories) but keeping going until reaching the safety of Atlantis. Stories with him doing that under effect of drugs (like Red Rain) or in some berserker/feral state are valid too if he is sane enough to be able to identify friend from foe.

4 - The Atlantis expedition turns againts John, maybe by some type of serious misunderstanding/false accusations (like Hypothesis), or they are being affected by something (like the episode Irresistible) or is John who is being affected by something and the others want only to help him.

5 - John is removed from command and forced to leave Atlantis (maybe for medical reasons or some higher-up with a personal vendetta against him). I know about having a lot of these type of stories, but the very majority are slash, with Rodney going with him to Earth, I want some gen stories, with him trying to survive (or not) alone without Atlantis and his friends, maybe pursuing a scientific career or even isolating himself in some cabin in the woods, but I not want stories with him returning briefly to resolve something only he can do only to be kicked out again after (like Dumb Luck).

Mar. 24th, 2015


Rodney Fics.

So, is there anything out there with significant Rodney whump -- that actually deals with the recovery? To be honest, I don't care how much detail is attributed to the actual trauma - if at all -- I'm just looking for something that deals with McKay recovering from something traumatic. Preferably rape, but any well-written trauma will do.

Also, I am not into magical healing cock, nor a world where everyone is suddenly gay -- or where everyone is strictly hetro, for that matter -- because it seems the really well fics I have found have centred around everyone being attracted to their own gender and BDSM; thats something I'm just not into - I don't care who is, I have had the world explained to me numerous times, and I respect it, it's just something that I can't get into.

So, going off that, any recs?

Mar. 22nd, 2015


Looking for some stories

My preference is gen stories, relationships are OK too, if not explicit and this part is secondary to the story. Trying to locate stories with the following themes:

1 - Someone who knew Sheppard before Atlantis (not family or ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, maybe some friend from college or someone who served with him/was rescued by him), is recruited by the SCG and assigned to Atlantis and only discovers Sheppard not only is in Atlantis too but is the military commander after arriving. Can be military or civil, can be even a bit antagonistic towards him (maybe a militar who thinks he is a failure after the black mark)

2 - Fics with a SG-1 POV reading and commenting Atlantis mission reports, especially those sended with the Letters from Pegasus databurst (like Sumner's death and Sheppard taking charge, surprise about MacKay being in a gate team, Sheppard lethal prowess during The Storm/The Eye...)

3 - Sheppard has some type of disability before going to Atlantis. Maybe he's going as a civil or as a subject of some experimental treatment (like in The Different Engine) or is something minor like speech problems or something

Mar. 20th, 2015

cat, pepper, pixie


Two requests

I have recently read the amazing This Bolder Life by Darkrose & Telesilla and wondered if their are any fics that actually show Rodney speaking to the American Congree or Canadian Parliament in the usual ROdneyish rude way.
I have also been reading a number of fics about gender-swap, and many focus on a character being transgender. Are there any that deal with being intersex? I am sure I've read at least one in the past.
Any help would be great. Thanks

Mar. 15th, 2015



Give me your slashy schmoop!

So I'm behind in my SGA Santa and Romancing McShep reading, but I'm in the mood for guaranteed schmoop.  I'm primarily a McKay/Sheppard and Parrish/Lorne kind of guy, so I'd love your recs for some good angsty that leads to schmoop for those pairings.  But if you've got a favorite in another pairing, tell me who it is and I may well read it.

AUs are fine, and "domestic" type fic including kid fic is awesome.

My only thing is no Keller.  She can be in the fic, but not a pairing.


Hurt!Sheppard Centric Whump/ h/c Fic?

Hi everyone!
I'm so very new to this fandom -- actually I'm just into the second season, but I'm already getting all crazy about Sheppard. God, I can't believe I'm more than 10 years late to the party...
ANYWAY. I'm sure there must be tons of Shep Whumpage fics out there? I've just read a handful of fics yet so it's like a whole new feeding ground to me, yay! please just rec me with those most delicious hurt!Shep fics! I know there probably are some golden mines under FF and AO3, but I think maybe I should get started with, say, some "classic" ones? So I figured I'll just try my lucks here. Hopefully I can get some responds.
Here're my requests:
1) Absolute Shep!Centric; I don't care about the pov, as long as the story is focused on Sheppard; and probably for the same reason... I'd also like Shep to be the only one get whumped, or at least he takes the major blow.
2) ANY form of whumpage is OK. Sextually or physically or emotionally (preferably it comes with the former two ones), injuries or illness or some kind of disabilities, beaten up or get tortured... I'd read any thing.
3) I'd prefer gen fic, team fic, friendship fic, but no het. If it's a slash fic, I'd prefer Ronon/Shep, but I'll try other pairings, too. (I love Dr.McKay and I'm perfectly fine with him being a bantering buddy with Sheppard, but currently I just don't, and can't see him as a romantic partener... I dunno, I just can't!) I am actually a big time slash reader, but somehow I feel more in the gen mood with John. Oh, and... I can only read bottom!Sheppard, so please do not rec me with any fics are not.
4) The longer the better! Cuz that way Sheppard can be whumped slowly and beautifully (*/ω\*), or he can get some healthy dose of comfort. Bonus if the story features some protective!team members

Gee, I hope I'm not asking too much? Looking forward to your recs. *finger crossed*

Thanks in advance!

Mar. 13th, 2015


The funniest story you ever read.

I am so tired of being slowed down(flu to sinus infection to stopbeingawhiner) I need funny stories. Anyone? Please? I might have to go to bed soon but I will get back and thank you.

Thank You to everyone who took the time to find me good, funny stories. I'm saving this post. The rec list for when you're down and need a boost.

Mar. 5th, 2015


Something New


I don't know if this is the right place to post this; if not, let me know. Over time fewer and fewer authors are writing SGA stories; this makes sense as the show ended so long ago. I have read a lot in the fandom, and now I'm wondering if any of you have found: a great new author, an old favorite who has told some new stories recently (last year or two), or someone who has written stories in the fandom that you don't often see mentioned.

I like long stories, Rodney and John, team, no team, apocafic (I may have read it all), elizabeth, no elizabeth, au, pretty much anything. Anyone out there have any thoughts?

For example, one author I really like and have read recently is Domenika Marzione, whose stories focus more on the military side of things, with lots of Lorne (which I actually didn't mind) and have fabulous OCs. I don't remember where I discovered her, but it was like Christmas. No John/Rodney, but I didn't even mind.

Thanks in advance, everyone. Let me know your thoughts.

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