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Oct. 5th, 2010

SGA genre finders by sorcha_feanor


[sticky post] The Contact-a-Mod Post

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Apr. 20th, 2014



"Blasphemous" Stargate fics?

In honor of Easter, does anyone have recs for fics that involve Jehovah/Jesus/Angels/Paul/etal as Goauld? Or, ya know, Tokra types, Ancients, Ori? Basically, any fics that follow the established "gods are space aliens" theme to its logical conclusion and include the Abrahamic religions.

Apr. 19th, 2014

mcshep forever


Mcshep taking Atlantis

Hello i want all fics where mcshep take atlantis, where they are powerfull and strong, great ATA with the city helping them,.
Riding off of the scientists (kavanaugh behaviour) and military (Bates or sumner in canon) who have not the same vision as them.

Long and angst/hot fics are better, mcshep only please. 

Apr. 17th, 2014

Rabbit 1


Ronon Protective of Rodney and FemMeredith

#1 Hey guys! Are there any stories out there were Ronon is protective of Rodney for whatever reason? Gen, friendship, team and McShep please!! Well written and in character even better! AU, Supernatural, Canon AU, fusions, sentient Atlantis, etc are very welcomed! Just as long as Rodney is a main character!

#2 I'm also looking for femMeredith stories! Gen, friendship, team and McShep please! AU, Supernatural, Canon AU, fusions, sentient Atlantis, etc are very welcomed! Just as long as Rodney is a main character!

Apr. 15th, 2014

Rabbit 1


Sentinels and Guides and other pack related weirdness

#1 Hey guys! I'm looking for stories were Sentinels and Guides are known staring my favorite snarkiness Rodney McKay. I know there are some but I was wondering if anyone can recommend some of the newer ones? Or you can rec the older ones too for rereading. Just a world where the sentinels and guides are known and McShep pairing and please no BDSM, I'm not really into that. I've read one where they are juveniles and Diploma, of course. It can be genderbent with Rodney as a woman too.

#2 I'm also looking for any stories that are like the sentinel fusion worlds, like werewolves, stuff that deal with packs and connections between two people or a group staring Rodney McKay. McShep please and please no BDSM, I'm not really into that. I read one where John had to fight Bates for the leadership of the pack on Atlantis. It can be genderbent with Rodney as a woman too.


Our Solar System

Does anyone know of any stories where the Stargate programme investigates our solar system? I would prefer it to have Rodney McKay as a main character but don't mind others.
Thank you for any help!
WelshAngel x

Apr. 11th, 2014


Cruel Pranks

Hi, I am looking for tics where someone plays a prank on someone else, but it is either purposely or not purposely cruel. I prefer slash, but gen also great... Any characters, but Rodney as the subject of the prank would be great...

Thanks in advance.

Apr. 8th, 2014


Scientists from Earth that think they are better than Rodney

I just read Messages from the edges of oblivion.What I'm looking for are stories similar to that, where someone from IOA,SG command, Atlantis science division etc. think they are smarter than Rodney.But in the end Rodney shows them they were dumb asses or they shouldn't have underestimated the goings on in Pegasus.


McShep, Rodney not putting up with John's crap

So I've read a few too many fics lately with the basic plot of "John is a smug, insulting, sometimes physically abusive prick who takes Rodney for granted as a friend and belittles him as a teammate, but he is just SO Awesome McSexy that Rodney is still honored that Col Mary Sue deigns to take him for granted as a sure thing sexually as well."

So basically, I need the fics written after reading too many of those fics while listening to We're Not Gonna Take It at max volume. ;-) Whether it starts out McShep or ends that way after McKay starts demanding more respect is fine with me. Post Trinity (or Duet if the Not Taking Crap is aimed elsewhere I suppose) is a bonus.

Apr. 7th, 2014

NoblePaiting (Sheppard)


Set in Alaska

I don't know why but I'm wanting to read stories that are set in Alaska. Doesn't matter if they're gen or slash, just no het please (unless you think its a super awesome story).

Thank you all in advance. :D
SGA - Stargate


Good deeds on earth

So I've been watching things on YouTube like 'Real life heroes' and 'faith in humanity restored' etc. and I'm wondering if there are any fics with the SGA agree doing good deeds on earth?

Apr. 5th, 2014


Adopted John Sheppard

I would like any stories where John is adopted and the father is also a high ranking officer and not (Jack O'Neill)
where they have had a falling out. John's father wanting to makeup with him finds out what he does and where
he's stationed, travels to Atlantis. I have read one other story similar to this one but John wasn't adopted, he
was the natural born son. Thanks

Mar. 29th, 2014



USAF Core values & Fitness


I found already so many good stories just looking through the archives but two things I haven't yet found:

1) Stories which feature someone referencing the USAF's core values (Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do). I figure there should be a couple stories out there that mention it. I would prefer if the story has Sheppard somehow as its protagonist, but I will read all stories.

2) The second is regarding exercise - stories in which exercise or fitness are a main topic. To be honest any stories that might motivate me to work out harder would be great. I am lazy and fanfic is my last hope (and I am aware that sounds crazy, but what else can I do?). Here, I really don't care as long as the stories get me motivated to work out - can be AU, Pre or post series, anything.

mcshep forever


John playing with Rodney'ass

Following the episode "Sadeta" and the Gluteus maximus part i want to read fic where John is obsessed by Rodney's ass.
Playing, petting, biting, marking, fucking etc.... all is great.

Thanks you. 


X Files crossovers

Having finally reached the end of my SGA watchathon - so sad to get to the end, I have started a massive rewatch of The X Files. And damn - Mulder was so pretty back in the beginning.

Any SGA/X Files crossovers folks? I've just spent a couple of hours getting sidetracked while looking through the crossover/fusion tag on this site and ended up with just two from a request in 2008. I thought it was easier to ask again.

I'm a great McShep fan, but don't let that stop you reccing anything else.

Bonus points if Mulder and Sheppard are somehow related - because - have you seen the two of them? (Yes I admit I have a "type".) Even more cookies if Mulder is also an ATA gene carrier.

I'm also interested in the Skinner/Caldwell connection - clone, mistaken identity, missing twin - whatever.

Or just a good ol case file type fic with Mulder trying to track down rumours of the SGC/Atlantis and hopefully meeting some of the team, even if he doesn't know it.

Throw it at me.

Btw the two I found are: Veritas Est Sicco Illic
and one called The Real McCoy which doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Thanks for your help.

Mar. 22nd, 2014

chibi!John/chibi!Rodney Icon


Looking for Fic Recs for McKay/Sheppard Set During 4x16 "Brain Storm" or Similar Fics

Hey All,

A recent fic search got me hankering for a certain type of fics that are set during episode 4x16 "Brain Storm"... where instead of Keller going as Rodney's date to the scientific presentation, it's Sheppard. Basically John is Rodney's date (whether they are actually together or not) and the other geeks/scientists are surprised/jealous that Rodney landed such a hottie like Sheppard. Things escalate even more when John has to save the day or helps to save the day when the experiment goes wonky and people see how badass he is. I'm looking for fics like this, but it doesn't have to be specifically set during that episode, just having John as Rodney's date or +1 and the scientific community being surprised/jealous of his ability to get such a hot date/husband/boyfriend.

Thanks in advance!



Hello me again!

Does anyone have any stories where those in Atlantis thrive and become a central part of Pegasus society. I've read one were the author mentioned they opened a school on Atlantis in passing and I would really like something along those lines but more in depth.

Or they create an army against the Wraith recruiting from those from the Pegasus. I think it would be interesting to read everyone getting together and helping and how the clash of culture will work out!

So overall I want a story were Atlantis and her people become a huge part of Pegasus and maybe in the fight against the Wraith!

Thank you
WelshAngel x



Preseries - Ronon as runner


I'm looking for some fics of Ronon pre-series, when he was still a runner. I found one on AO3 using a pre-series tag search, The Art of Dance. Are there any more?

Thanks in advance!

Mar. 21st, 2014


Keller Bashing

I'm in the mood for any Keller bashing fics. Preferably McShep. Any suggestions please?

Mar. 10th, 2014



Any kidnapped McKay stories?

I'm new to participating in this community so tell me if I do anything wrong. :-)

I'm looking for any stories where Rodney is kidnapped or abducted for reasons that don't have to do with his job or building a bomb for someone or something. If you know of any where John is the kidnapper then I would bow down at your feet! I've only found ones where it's the other way round with Rodney being the creepy stalker.

Thankyou for reading this. :-)

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