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February 2017



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roxy_palace in sgagenrefinders

It's, like, totally AU

I'm looking for total AU's that are long, involved and chock full of smut.  I'm really only interested in McShep, but other pairings can happen.  

I think I've read big famous ones:  Iowa, Wooby, The one where they meet in a museum, the one set in the second world war with it's own amazing web site and all the letters.  So I'm really looking for personal recs now.  What's your favorite Total AU?

Kid fic is more than welcome.  Encouraged even!  MPreg, no so much...

McSheppy loveliness is a must.

They don't have to be that long, but I do love sequels!

Cheers in advance my darlings!

ETA: moment of panic at having posted this without reading the new rules...gah!  Think I am ok though...apologies if not.


Have you read Fireball, the Nascar AU? This is one of my very favorite stories and when I just want to read something cool and fun I go reread this one - http://fanfic101.com/sga_fireball.htm

Also, this AU by Rageprufrock where Rodney is a professor and John is well... I don't want to spoil you too much ;-) Bell Curve or Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room - http://www.glitterati.talkoncorners.net/fiction/bellcurve/bellcurve.php

And Hindsight - John's an FBI agent and Rodney is pretty much Rodney - http://www.glitterati.talkoncorners.net/fiction/hindsight.php

Also have you read Junk Cheap where John owns a junk shop? http://devildoll.livejournal.com/751627.html

These are all pretty well known so you've probably already read them, but McShep AUs are about my favorite thing in the world so I'll probably be back with more ;-)
Oh yes! I know these ones well. Thanks for reminding me. I can always do with rereading the classics!
These are rather well known as well, but always worth re-reading!

King of Wishful Thinking -- Pretty Woman meets SGA.

An Affair to Remember -- The title really says it all, doesn't it?

Fireball -- The NASCAR fic. (Seconded from the rec above! I don't even do the NASCAR thing and I loved this fic A LOT.)

Stanley Is Just A Cup -- The one where they're rival hockey players.
Wicked! A couple of these are new to me! Thanks!
You're welcome; glad to help! Enjoy. :)
I'll second Bell Curve - it'll make you laugh and want to pet Rodney ;)


A Supermarket in California by taffetablue (not a kidfic, but good)

Unidentified by fierclydreamed (also not a kidfic, but. LOVE!)

Small Primes and Square Roots by Livia. SO. MUCH. LOVE! Kidfic.

101 Ways to Get Lucky (In Love) by scribblinlenore, also a kidfic
I LOVE Supermarket. It is just SO romantic. Exactly the kind of thing I'm after. Thanks!
Ohh! I haven't heard the stories you recced. Could you provide me the links, Please!
Unfortunately I haven't gone in AUs much, So I can't recommend some. Sorry!
Iowa Farm, by cate index--it's fricking huge.

On Life & Living, by wesleysgirl four stories start at the bottom

<http://zoetrope.livejournal.com/117711.html">Missed the Saturday Dance by zoetrope</a> amazing multimedia WWII.


Thanks! I know the Iowa verse is huge!!
:points upwards: what everyone else said, but this one's fun too (John's a yoga teacher & Rodney's, well - Rodney)
Strangers on a Six Train by eye-queue. Part 1 is here http://eye-queue.livejournal.com/680.html

You mention Iowa, but have you read A Whole World of Trouble (:shush: I actually like this more ;D http://community.livejournal.com/sga_flashfic/562904.html (John's a country singer, & Rodney's Rodney! sensing a theme here!)

This one is often over-looked, based on Friday Night Lights. Its quite brilliant, Open Your Eyes by parrotfic. Part 1 is here http://community.livejournal.com/parrotfic/18626.html (John's the football coach, Rodney teaches math).

Oh my god...I was SO in love with Trouble when I first read it. It is fully awesome...and the first time they get together is about the best first date I've ever read. *sighs*

The FNL one sounds awesome. Haven't heard of that one. Very excited! Thanks!
Forgot this one ;D that I love -

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2010) http://sardonicsmiley.livejournal.com/46746.html
John's a figure skater, Rodney plays hockey for Canada at the Olympics.

[& I forgot to say, Open Your Eyes is LONG - 27k words or so of McShep, plus Teyla, Ronon, Ford, Cadman, & Lorne and Elizabeth.]
You rule! Thanks!
Oh man...that's the rest of my week totally sorted. Thank you, very much!

I told you I'd be back with more.

lavvyan writes some wonderful AUs-

1001 Nights Aren't Enough - http://lavvyan.livejournal.com/120355.html

But Wait There's More - Rodney is the king of late night infomercials ;-) http://community.livejournal.com/anotheratlantis/7331.html

She has a lot of AUs and they're all pretty wonderful, you just have to scroll down her list here - http://lavvyan.livejournal.com/108173.html

Do you know about the Nantucket AU? There's a lot of stories there and they're all pretty much amazing - http://community.livejournal.com/wagoneer/
Wow! How am I ever going to get through all these...?! Yay! Thanks for all your help. These are all perfect!
Oh, oh, *flails* kidfic! My favorite kid fic ever is the Teacher's Pet series. John has been turned into a 10 year old. The whole series is not quite finished yet, but each story is pretty much self contained - http://seperis.illuminatedtext.com/sga/teacherspet.html

Also Seperis has Crimes Against Humanity - should I warn you that this one's pretty dark? http://seperis.illuminatedtext.com/sga/humanity.html
But wait...there really is more! Thanks!

McShep AUs really are among my favorite stories! I hope you find one or two new ones in amongst these. I know I have! Thanks for the request.
Here's one I like: denynothing1's The Twenty-Year Thaw. Skiing AU!
Yay! Not read this one. Thanks!
I hope you like these I feel that they are total AU, but the last 2 do take place on Atlantis so I'm not sure if you will consider them a total AU. Anyway happy reading!

I love anything from Orithain and Rina but here are a few favorites.
Clothing designer Rodney
Clothes Make the Man http://www.wraithbait.com/viewstory.php?sid=6842&warning=12

Detective John
The R Word http://www.wraithbait.com/viewstory.php?sid=7666 it's sequel The M Word http://www.wraithbait.com/viewstory.php?sid=13200

Atlantis but not
The World According to Rover http://www.wraithbait.com/viewseries.php?seriesid=17

And my all time favorite AU - Demon John
Ashtaroth http://www.wraithbait.com/viewseries.php?seriesid=12
Oh Ashtaroth...*sigh* I love that he is just a demonic fool for Rodney :)

Thaks so much for these recs!
In progress but close to done and totally worth reading anyway:

Out of Bounds by icarus at http://icarusancalion.livejournal.com/tag/out+of+bounds

Cool. I don't know this one. Thanks!
As long as you're getting a ton of these, I thought I'd throw in these: http://del.icio.us/lwdagreat/CompleteAU

114 AU stories currently with no stargate. They're further broken down by Sport AU, Cop AU, *Vampire* AU, Music AU, Food AU, Business AU, Professor AU, School AU, etc., etc.
You? Awesome. The list? Double awesome.

having posted this without reading the new rules

Well, as long as you feel bad about it, I guess. ;)
*g* Look how benevolent and kind an all powerful dictator you are already! Nice one you! ;)


The Best things in Life are Free - high school AU

Not Exactly Rocket Science - College AU
I LOVED Best Things In Life...it was SO romantic and sweet. Loved the sequels too. Very angsty with John at the Academy and them both trying to find a way to make it work. Really lovely.

I don't think I know Rocket Science though. yay! Thanks very much for the recs.
Awesome! Thanks!
No one has mentioned mausi's Paradigm Shift AU:

Wicked! I don't know this one at all! Thanks!
*is happy* I'm so glad you posted this request as McShep AUs are something I love, and people have recced some that are new to me in repsonse to your original post. Here are some of my own favourites that I don't think have been recced yet:

"Sky Full of" by glitterati - The Mummy AU. Rodney is a teacher, Jeannie is an archaeologist, and John is an adventurer.

"Si Muovo" by kass Rodney is a priest, John is a bush pilot.

My all-time favourite, "Complimentary Colours" by yin_again Rodney is an artist, John is an ex-pilot
There's a sequel as well:

"The Proposition" by jane_elliot John is a caterer, Rodney is a tycoon.

"A Regency Tale" by graceandfire

Si Muovo is one of my favs...I love it when they HAVE to wait and all that tension just builds and builds between them. Awesome. Thanks for your recs!
Oh! Road Kill is a classic! John as a blue collar type is SO hawt...and all the tension...loved it!

I haven't read the other two though. Yay!
Hmmm, surprised nobody has listed this yet (unless I missed it) but

Crossroads has by pairing, type etc plus tag lists for different sorts of AU's, Quantum Mirror stories etc . . .



Thanks! Any favs for you?
Wow, there's a lot to go through here. You specifically asked for personal favourites, though, so I thought I'd throw in something anyway. skoosiepants has written a couple of McKay/Sheppard AUs loosely based on fairy tales: No Myth and Whatever You Wish For. They're seriously awesomesauce.
Thanks! Yeah, I want to read stuff that folks have vetted and that they really enjoyed.

This post has had the biggest response. I really didn't expect it. So I'm working up a thematic index based on the recs and my preferences.

Thanks for contributing!