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August 2016



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katikat in sgagenrefinders

Werewolves? O.o

Okay, this might sound weird, but I've just finished listening to the audio commentary to the episode The Hive and Martin Wood, the director of that episode, called Joe Flanigan the "leader of the pack" there. And since my favorite supernatural creatures are werewolves, it made me curious - are there any Atlantis AU or canon fics, gen or slash, dealing with werewolves or packs and pack hierarchy in general? I did go through the tags in this comm but the supernatural/mythical thingy is mostly vampires...


Tagged in my To Be Read pile is Irony Rocks' Diminishing Proximity http://irony-rocks.livejournal.com/218601.html#cutid1. I've got it tagged as Werewolf Elizabeth, and if I remember the snippet I was given, John's the wolf who made her.

It's gen, Weir/Sheppard, with Teyla/Micheal? and some other stuff. Irony's got it pretty heavily labeled, just listen to her here http://irony-rocks.livejournal.com/42969.html#cutid1
Thank you so much!
For all kinds of SGA werewolf fic (i.e. including those where they merely encounter werewolves): http://del.icio.us/ratcreature/werewolves+sga
for Sheppard as a werewolf:

(There is also one with Sheppard as a werecat, which iirc also had some kind of pack structure: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3240297/1/Full_Moon_Rising)

When I saw that request, I thought, "I bet Rat Creature has a del.icio.us tag for that." ;D
Awesome! May I add you to my del.ico.us network? *bounces*
I don't mind at all.
Some werewolf fics ganked from previous searches at sgastoryfinders:

One Man's Island by lavvyan, McShep, NC-17ish. A fluffy werewolf!John story.

I haven't actually read these two, but will most likely do so after I finish posting this ;-) :

Underworld Last Stand, also by lavvyan, McShep and other (het) pairings, R, AU, fusion with the Underworld universe.

Wolf Light by pushkin666, McShep, NC-17, AU, heavy duty kink, mage/werewolf smex among other things.

And this one I just couldn't resist not reading right this minute:

an untitled suprise!werewolf McShep commentficlet by seperis, McShep NC-17 PWP kind of thing. Heee!
Great! Thank you so much! *rushes off to read*
Hehe, I don't mind the pack without werewolves at all. Pack structure in general fascinates me to no end :) Thank you!
Keep Holding On and its sequal Through the Rain, which is currently a work in progress. Both extrememly well written and long reads.

Awesome! Thank you :)
Alpha by perspi has McKay as a werewolf.
THAT I must read! X) Thank you!
Do you just want ones where John is a werewolf? Because James Walkswithwind has a Zelenka/Beckett series where Zelenka is a werewolf. It's called Moonlight (and is near the bottom of the page here and is mentioned in the Many Faces of Radek Zelenka series as well).
Ooooh, Zelenka. I love him! But then, being Czech myself, I'm probably biased XP


Nope. Totally not biased. I am a born and raised American and I can tell you that Zelenka is my absolute favorite. ^^ I adore him! And I also seriously wonder who created him because he is quite possibly the epitome of awesome. :D

this is more shapeshifter than werewolf

there's a funny story by skoosiepants set in season one. they aren't werewolves, but some aliens use a coming of age ritual to turn them into wolves so that they can "earn each other’s respect, establish a hierarchy of command”

if this is utterly against the rules and regulations, feel free to delte, but this story is hilarious, and was what first occured to me when i read the description

Re: this is more shapeshifter than werewolf

... I was just going to reply to the Zelenka thing... and then I saw your picture. I seriously thought that no one else remembered that cartoon! Wow... Ages ago... And yet... Still have a serious crush on Ren.