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Find SGA Stories in a Specific Genre

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dedicated to finding SGA stories in a specific genre
Welcome to sgagenrefinders!

This is a community for finding SGA stories in a specific genre. If you are looking for recs of SGA stories containing certain elements (such as: stories that take place on Earth, stories where aliens make them do it, stories with a specific kink), this is the place to ask.

You can reach the mods at any time at the Contact-a-Mod post.

For searches related to the characters of Stargate SG-1 please visit stargate_search, unless you're looking for a crossover.

sgagenrefinders@lj the web

There are a few simple rules we are asking you to follow. If you think of these as The Law and of the mods as the guys who will whack you over the head if you break them, we should all get along just fine.

The Rules:

1. Keep your post on topic, i.e. no looking for specific stories.
This community is explicitly for finding stories in a specific genre. You can also search for the link to a particular rec list or the website address of a particular author. Along the same line, you may ask for copies of multiple works by a particular author if they've taken their stories down, provided they allow the sharing of those stories. (You can check that here, for a start.) Everything else will more than likely be considered off-topic. If you start your post with the words "I'm not sure if this is allowed" or a variation thereof, lavvyan will delete it on principle. You're not sure if something's allowed, ask the mods.

If there's a particular story on your mind, you might want to go to sgastoryfinders. This includes no genre searches that also ask for specific stories in them, so please don't mix them together. The same thing goes for comments — no sneaking in a quick story search there, either.

For finding graphics and related resources, please hop on over to sgapicfinders.

Furthermore, reccing your theme lists or story collections is accepted, as long as you're open to accepting further recs for them; otherwise, you can offer them to be added to the local list of lists, or should announce it someplace else (for example, sga_noticeboard).

2. Before you post, check out past searches in the tags. Certain fan favorites get searched for on a regular basis, like first times, crossovers or character whump. We do not want to see the same requests popping up twice a week, so check the tags to make sure your request hasn't been looked for already. If you don't find a tag you could check for the exact same thing you're looking for, check a similar one. If you can't find a similar one, try looking for the pairing (and feel free to ask debris_k for additional tags at any of her modly posts).

You are, however, free to ask for updates on your genre once a reasonable amount of time has passed (let's say two months). In that case, please include a link to the previous request so that everyone can see what stories have been recommended already.

3. Tag your posts. It makes everyone's genre searching experience so much easier.

The tagging should look like this: choose between character related or genre, followed by, in order, categories you'd like the stories to match — genre (gen, het or slash), characters and/or pairings, and finally, all the specific themes that apply to your request. If tags that apply don't exist, you can use the other character, other pairing and miscellaneous tags.

Important: The easiest way to tag is to post your request first, then from the resulting options click on the Edit this entry's tags and then pick and choose all the tags that apply to your request. (Remember to tag according to your preference that was voiced in your request, as opposed to all the possibilities you are open to — you can always undertag and later add more tags to match the genre of recs you've received.)

4. No messing with the community default when you're making a post. That means no hard coding your posts (changing the color, font, size, etc.), no requests in bold letters or caps, no comment screening, back- or forward dating, using txt speak, l33t, wonky line formatting, etc.

5. No flaming or bashing. This includes any kind of derogative comments about other users or communities, flame wars, bashing or provocation. These will not be tolerated within the community, and will be handled at the mods' discretion. Please note that acting like a brat toward a mod is not the smartest idea in any case and might well get you banned. Looking for character bashing stories is okay. Character bashing within your search is not.

6. No editorializing. There's no need to explain why you're searching for a particular genre; in fact, it's strongly discouraged. If you want to talk about your relationship to the plot or characters, please do so in your own journal.

Finally, two requests: If you ask for stories of a certain genre, please remember that those answering your request are putting time and effort into doing so, which means that the least you can do is say thank-you. This community relies on the good will of its members, and positive feedback encourages participation. We cannot and will not force you to be polite; however, if we know you as someone who appreciates the effort, we will be more likely to go the extra length.

Further, please mention in your comments whether the story you're recommending is het, gen, slash or femmeslash if that isn't clear from the request post. The same goes for pairings: if someone's asking for, say, slash recs in general, it'd be nice of you to mention if the story you're reccing is Dex/Lorne or Beckett/Zelenka or McKay/Sheppard (and so on).

Any and all posts that fail to meet the rules or are simply off-topic will be deleted; we might politely ask you to tag your post or be more specific in your request in case you simply forgot, though. Acting in a particularly rude manner or repeated failure to meet the rules will get your ass banned, so please don't.

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For questions regarding the tag system, please contact debris_k. Anything related to the rules please take up with lavvyan. You can use PMs, or the local Contact-a-Mod post for both. Thank you.

We're affiliated with sgapicfinders, sgversetop5 & zelenka_lorne.

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