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November 2019



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Oct. 5th, 2010

SGA genre finders by sorcha_feanor


[sticky post] The Contact-a-Mod Post

This is where you get to talk to your local mods about all your questions, comments, concerns, ideas and other sgagenrefinders related stuff. We welcome all input, constructive or otherwise!

Comments will remain screened only if you put something along the lines of "Privacy, please!" in the subject line. (Likewise, their answers will also be screened*.) Otherwise, all comments and their threads will be unscreened, whether they are anonymous or not.

We look forward to hearing from you!


your mods.

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ETA: Due to anon spammers anonymous comments have been temporarily turned off. If you need to you can contact your mods, debris_k and lavvyan, at their personal journals anonymously.

Nov. 15th, 2019

SGA - adorkable


coda to S01E12, "The Defiant One"

Starting my rewatch of SGA for like the dozenth time, and got to thinking about S01E12, The Defiant One.  Rodney has to deal with a scientist taking his life in a dire situation, which is probably something he's never had to deal with.  Are there any stories out there, McShep and first-time romance preferred, that deal with this? Rodney having a hard time dealing with Dr Gall taking his own life and John helping him/comforting him?

Nov. 11th, 2019


Snowy fics

I’m looking for recommendations of well written McShep fics the have the boys dealing with snow storms and extreme cold weather. It’s really cold and snowy here and I just want to read about the boys cuddling for warmth lol.

Btw I apologize if I missed a tag. I went through and selected the ones that seemed like they could be connectedto my request but there weren’t many.

Oct. 7th, 2019



Co-operative Ancients and Sheppard in Pegasus

Hello! I'm looking for two types of fics:

-The Ancients from the Tria let the expedition stay and everybody works together

-When the expedition is kicked out John stays in Pegasus with Ronon and Teyla

Thanks in advance!

Oct. 3rd, 2019


Sheppard leaves Atlantis

Are there any stories where Sheppard leaves or is forced out of Atlantis and the City doesn't take kindly to that fact? TIA

Sep. 22nd, 2019



Hi I've got another fic idea that I wanna read.
I like fics that deal with Rodney's allergies, like ones where he has a reaction. Mild or severe is fine. ( not really looking for death fics but if you make a good case I'll think about it) But I do like ones that invole Rodney having a seizure (or just fics where he has a seizure!).
Also I want fics where the team or John are prepared for his allergies. Like a read a few fics where they had devices to test citris in food, or where John or Ronon tasted his food first, and a lot where they all carry epipens. So fics like that or if theres a new idea or a similar one I'd take that too! McShep or gen please!!

Sep. 17th, 2019


Rodney's Earth Colleagues

Hi, this is my first post so sorry if I get something wrong. I am looking for fics where Rodney is back on Earth for whatever reason and uses new-found Pegasus skills and knowledge to show up his former colleagues and rivals.

Also if you can find any fics where someone back on Earth or in Pegasus decides to kidnap Rodney for their own evil purpose that would be great!
Mcshep, or Gen please!! Also love team fics and team rescues, or if John rescues him on his own! Also don't mind if it is a Sg-1 crossover but no other crossovers please😄

Sep. 15th, 2019


Stories where they are compelled to fertilize the natives

I am looking for stories where the team, or any of the Atlantis team, are asked to fertilize, or "give a gift of seed" or the such to impregnate the natives. I would prefer stories where it is consensual, but I won't limit the search. Thank you in advance, finlaure

Aug. 21st, 2019



Faith of Rescue

Odd thought: looking for fics where either Mckay or Sheppard are 100% sure the other is going to come ti their rescue and save the day.

Any and all pairings are good but mcshep sure would be dreamy!

Aug. 20th, 2019


looking for stories about "Sunday"

I am looking for stories about the episode "Sunday". Specifically on how they come to realize they were not good friends to Carson. I know the episode shows Rodney somewhat beginning to feel something... I wonder if there are any stories out there that explore Rodney's feelings,,, and maybe the feelings of others.
Thank you in advance, finlaure

Aug. 4th, 2019

Sarah He

Rare Pairs

Hi, I am looking for fanfiction featuring rare pairs. Sometimes it's just really nice to stumble about something you wouldn't even have considered yourself but then get totally caught up in from just one or a few well done fanfictions.

My latest discovery was a fic that had John Sheppard/Miko Kusanagi as the secondary pairing called Sympathy for Eve. I know that's a tall order but maybe there is something where they are friends?
Another pairing I stumbled upon is John Sheppard /Lindsey Novak. There's some sweet and engrossing fics on ao3. Same applies for John Sheppard /Daniel Jackson. My absolute favorite is a fic on ao3 where they meet in the alternate timeline in Continuum.
A pair that has me jonesing for more is Samantha Carter/John Sheppard. I've been suckered into that pairing. Although for some reason this pairing features a lot of apocalypse fic.
And I also like to read John/Radek penknife has written a great Vegas verse Au for this pairing.

But seriously, just hit me with any rare pair fanfiction that is out there. I am sure there's some interesting stuff. I even found a great Tony DiNozzo/John Sheppard series on ao3. For anyone unaware, that would be a crossover with NCIS.
I am looking forward to any and all answers, thanks.

Jul. 29th, 2019

Sarah He

Peter Grodin

I quite liked the character and would have liked to see more of him in the show. While I can understand why they killed him from a Screenwriting perspective, I was sorry to see him go. Do you know any stories where even if he doesn't play a main role gets more than just a mention in the story? Any and all fanfiction appreciated. Thank you

Jul. 15th, 2019


Looking for Great Hurt/Comfort stories

Howdy, I am a lot shaken right now. Just witnessed a Bad motorcycle wreck. Not sure the guy is going to make it. I need to calm down. Reading always helps. So, could ya'll help by suggesting your favorite Hurt/comfort John/Rodney slash stories. John and Rodney don't even have to be together when the story starts. Or Even Anyone in a great hurt/comfort story. I only ask it not contain gore,,, I just saw that on the pavement. It was awful. I just need to read Comfort after hurt please. Thank you in advance, finlaure

Jul. 3rd, 2019


John pilots crop dusters


Are there any Au's out there that have John flying crop dusters?

May. 31st, 2019



John realizing he's in love with Rodney

Like the title says, I'm looking for any fics in which John realizes he's in love with Rodney after something happens to Rodney specially like, almost dying kinda of thing. Don't worry about genre, kinks, etc, I want all the links you have, let me be the one to sort them out, thank you!!

May. 25th, 2019


Search: Re-charge ZPM

Hi all,

I'm looking for stories on finding or recharging the ZPM. I've found this comment here https://sgastoryfinders.livejournal.com/4029320.html and https://sgagenrefinders.livejournal.com/959730.html which contains similar request with fics such as Lantern Legacy by Keira Marcos or Written by the Victors by Speranza.


May. 3rd, 2019


Looking for more Jilly James stories by others

Howdy, I am looking for more Jilly James stories in the "If found please return" universe. I think I am going crazy, but I just know I read more stories involving that particular story. Thanks in advance, finlaure
ETA,, These MAY be by other authors I think.

Apr. 17th, 2019


Village/Village leader wants Ronon

Looking for a more ronon centric fic, where the village leader or the village want Ronon in particular, maybe him being a runner is exotic or his whole culture/look is something they cherish. anything with this sort of theme or idea, i'd prefer slash but will take anything including het and gen.

Also I really want something where after 7 years on the run this huge terrifying man gets taken care of and gets given gifts and is courted and wooed and just cherised, that sounds like a crack fic idea but who knows there could be something out there.

thank you

Mar. 4th, 2019


LF Regency and Harlequin stories

Hi, I am looking for your favorite Regency and Harlequin stories with Slash John/Rodney. I don't really like gore or too much torture. Happy endings preferred. Thanks in advance, finlaure

Feb. 26th, 2019


Looking for "Lemon Chicken" Stories

Hi, I lost my link to the Great Lemon Chicken Stories. I am also looking for any other newer stories where Rodney, or even John, just decides to throw in the towel because of everything and start over back on Earth. Or maybe another planet.

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