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Broken Rodney

Just wondering if anyone knows of any stories like the wonderful 'of colouring books and Leuitenant Colonels' but where it is Rodney that has been broken by a traumatic event. The more broken the better as in unable to talk or be touched.
Also are there any where Rodney gets brain damage and becomes like a child. Not ones where his brain reverts to a child but where he has brain damage. I read a winderful one about John in this state and Rodney looking after him and the reverse. I have read the brilliant 'Salt' by Mrs Hamill and am looking for other ones like that with Rodney damaged.
Thanks for any help.
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McShep and Sheppard Searching

Looking for any fics where John is discharged and sent to prison for being in a relationship with any of the other male characters. Pairings I like: John/McKay, John/Mitchell, John/Lorne, John/Beckett, John/Ronon, ect. I'm open to any pairing. Bonus if the Atlantis crew or Stargate Command or even SG-1 team help get him out of prison. Also one's where his brother find out and helps to get him out or even if his father is alive and helps out. But would love it set when he's at Atlantis. Hurt!Sheppard from the guards that are homophobic or from prisoners are also a plus. I love reading Hurt!Sheppard fics. I read one a few days ago where John was arrested and put in front of a firing squad cause the new president was homophobic and it had the SG-1 team helping a bit and the Daedalus crew helping with SGA to get John, Teal'c and Vala free from the prison and firing squad. Which prompted me wanting more similar to this.

I've been going through the tags, and thus far not finding anything yet. Mostly prisoner fics on other planets in Pegasus. I think I tagged this correctly.

Also any where John and Rodney are together and he I guess deflects to the Canadian side to be together. I just read The Connection and it had Elizabeth getting John to think about switching to Canadian instead of being an American so they could be together. Anything like that would be awesome. Either someone tells John to become a Canadian so they don't loose him on Atlantis or John does it himself, or maybe even Rodney/the team or Jeannie tells him or gives the advice to do so.

Are their any fics where one of or John's old flying squad from back in the day that are still alive or another old one he was with come to Atlantis an find out he's in charge of the group? Bonus if his team now gets jealous. Any pairing is fine. Also big bonus if we see them flying in battle or something similar. Or he is training them to use the jumpers cause they have the gene.
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Looking for some John/Rodney, John/Ronon and characters watch the show fics

Back again, lol. Been scouring A03 and, wish wraithbait was still up and running had some nice looking fics I'd love to read on it. But in any case. This is probably a long shot, but are their any fics where team or whole of Atlantis watch the show? Where they find it somewhere or it appears in a room and they watch the show? I've loved these fics in other fandoms and am curious if their are any for SGA. Or even family members back home are brought together to find out what their family members are going through on Atlantis by watching the show?

Also I just read one fic where someone wrote Sheppard up cause he was with Rodney and had to be interviewed. I'd love some long one's like that were someone writes him up for being with Rodney, but would also love if the marines on the base and at SG-1 stood up for Sheppard/McKay. Bonus if the public gets involved if John is sent back to Earth.

Looking for any John/Ronon fics where his friends kidnap John in an attempt to get Ronon to join them. Mpreg is fine.

Also any John centric fics where the IAO or command or even military force him to do a undercover ops and he's not allowed to tell for a long time or short time and he gets captured and they write him off, but the team or someone in Atlantis or SG-1 find out and they launch a rescue mission. Any pairing is fine.

Any John/Rodney where John is the victim of Gay Bashing/Bullying, bonus for protective Atlantis and or team. I've seen some of Rodney being the victim, but am curious if any of John being the victim. Would love if the marines on Atlantis or even SG-1 comes to his rescue, but not necessary.

Are there any fics where John was in an abusive relationship, maybe with a past person in command or even a lover aside from Nancy and they come to Atlantis and the team find out about what happened?

Any pairings are fine with me. Thank you in advance. :)


I am looking for any stories where there is tension with new staff on Atlantis and the original ones.
I am especially looking for ones where it is Rodney who gets the brunt of the bad treatment by the newbies, as they do not understand how people can like him.
The more hurt for Rodney the better and also for John or someone else remindjng them forcefully about what they owe Rodney.
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Looking for some sheppard/weir fics

Hi, looking for some sheppard/weir fics where he meets her family and maybe one or a few don't like him. Bonus if they grow fond of him, maybe he does something on TV or in front of them to change their minds or even rescues Elizabeth and it changes their minds about him and approves. Could be set either during Atlantis or before.

Also looking for sheppard/weir where Elizabeth is in a abusive relationship and John rescues her. Could be set either during Atlantis or before.

Any sheppard/weir where John is presumed dead but then is finally found. Bonus if Elizabeth is pregnant and he is gone for a few years.

Any sheppard/weir where John is either sold into slavery or similar and Elizabeth and the team finally finds him. Or some alien queen/princess wants him for herself and he is gone for a while before being found.

Any sheppard/weir where either Elizabeth or John die in canon, but the canon universe gain another similar counterpart from another universe. Bonus if sheppard/weir are together in one of the universes with kids or just together and the other universe counterpart always wanted to be with the other but they never allowed each other to go that far.
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Looking for some John/Rodney fics (plus other pairings are fine that are listed)

So just got into the fandom and looking for some John/Rodney fics where: Stargate program is declassified to the public and the military find out about their relationship and giving them a hard time and people rally around them and support them. Also any where they kick them or one of them (most likely John cause he's military) Atlantis and Atlantis don't like it plus everyone supports and gets them or the one that was kicked off back.

I've read a John is a runner story (I think Running for us or with us was the name) and I liked that Todd came to his rescue and was forming an alliance/friendship with his hive ship. So any along the lines where Todd considers John family/kin or is protective of him would be awesome. I also read one where he gets taken on a Dart and is asked by the queen of Todd's ship to help with repairs cause their flight commander died and he is then named flight commander. So anything like those would be welcome, longer the better. Bonus for John/Rodney. Other pairings I also like are: John/Ronon, John/Carson and John/Elizabeth. I also like zelenka/lorne as side pairing.

Another I am looking for I've read a few John is an ancient one. And I'd really love more, maybe he gets memories of his past life when he comes to Atlantis or sits in the chair. The one I've read Rodney woke him up from stasis when they got to Atlantis and John ends up uniting the galaxy and everyone thinks he is a god/king and the IOA kidnap Rodney and Jack comes to the rescue and helps John plus John had adopted Lorne as his and Rodney's son. So any long John is an Ancient is more then welcome.

Any John/Rodney fics where John is presumed dead would be awesome. Plus one's where John's family finds out about Atlantis maybe they see them on TV after being declassified or the family comes to Atlantis and see's John in action and appreciate him more. I've read one where John's brother David comes to Atlantis to give blood to help him survive an accident and see's John and helps him a little bit during the action.

Any Kolya captures John. Where he keeps him for months, he can break or not. Bonus if McKay and the team get back at him. (Just saw the Common Ground episode and that gave me so many ideas for the John/McKay pairing if Kolya tortured him worse then just using Todd).

John Hurts Rodney (Kinda Dark fics)

I'm looking for any McShep or gen fic where accidently, under the influence, AMTDI, intentionally but with good intentions, John does or says or behaves in a way that hurts or even kills Rodney (temporarily or actual death or ascenion). I'll also count emotional hurt and pain!
I'd perfer happy endings and fics that go into John's guilt and Rodney's response. Although I'm good with other people being involved and someone else making John realize what he did.
I don't mind fics where Rodney ends up with a disability (temp or otherwise) or just becomes afriad of John.

And in a somehow more painful note: if you know of any fics that are similar but John actually drives Rodney to suicide or just deals with the aftermath of his suicide.
I'm in the mood for some emotional pain!!

Only thing I wouldn't like is infidelity or juat evil John who wants to hurt Rodney or rape/any kind of sexual assult.
Thanks in Advance!