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July 2019



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Matt Smith

simona84 in sgagenrefinders

OT4 (Team)

I was looking for ot4 team fics where they all have sex together, but apparently I forgot to bookmark them. *kicks self*
I prefer the team with Ronon, with side McShep and/or pragnant!Teyla and I don't mind amtdi, pretty please! *offers cookies*


Have you read this one? It's exactly what you asked for. Exactly.


Stuff, by Isagel
*offers puddlejumper cookies* Thank you! *hugs*
I think there are only a few with preg!Teyla and this one was one of my favourite. ;) *goes off to re-read story*

OT4 in a range of ratings and genres

John Never Sees It Coming, Even on Three Distinct Trajectories by apple_pi

All The Hot Teams Are Doing It by whizzy

by briar_pipe and moxie_brown, The Exclusion Principle. briar_pipe also wrote the cute Happy Ever After in the Marketplace but that seems to be f-locked/not yet on the AO3.

The Complexity of Daily Life by Teaphile

30toseoul wrote an OT4 series, the Brownian Motion series, but it's f-locked now (though it may be accessible by asking her or requesting a saved copy from another reader at sgastoryfinders as she told me she does not mind if fans share saved copies among themselves).

by Hth: De Profundis. Author's Original Summary: My journey into OT4 continues. Not as porny as "Works and Plays Well With Others," not as musical as "Headbanger's Ball." This actually...didn't go at all where I expected it to.
The other two referenced: Headbanger's Ball and Works and Plays Well With Others

Forty Days by thingswithwings

classic, but hard to wholeheartedly rec at a search comm because of author actions: Healing Station Argh


When I saw your prompt/request/post-thingy, I immediately thought of "Healing Station Argh" - it's got team-with-Ronon!sex, pregnant!Teyla, AND side!McShep. It's also got lots of Pegasus Galaxy worldbuilding, and it's completely hilarious. The link below will connect you to both the text and an auidiofile of the story...so you can read it, or put it on your iPod for someone else to read it TO you! Enjoy! ;-)


Happy Thanksgiving!